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gastric ulcer treatment

at an incredible price


A few years ago, I owned a horse that we diagnosed with gastric ulcers, and therefore went through the great expense of treatment with Gastrogard, and then routine preventive doses whenever the horse travelled.   


Shortly after, I began working with a new horse.  As we ramped up our eventing training and competition schedule, I noticed he would seem a bit lackluster, less-than-excited about eating, and just generally a bit grumpy, especially nearing the end of a competition weekend.  Of course, my first thought was ulcers, as I had been through this before with another horse.  I cringed at the thought of the expense involved with the Gastrogard treatment. 


Then, thankfully, I stumbled upon the Abler website. The Abprazole Plus Granules are so much more affordable, easier to give (I just sprinkle them on feed), and most importantly, every bit as effective as Gastrogard.  I now keep all my competition horses on an Abler omeprazole regimen.



This is the same medicine, omeprazole, that is the active ingredient in Gastrogard and Ulcergard, available from Abler at up to an 80% savings.  Please visit to learn more about all their equine medications and contact me if you'd like to try some of their omeprazole products for yourself.  I write a blog for Abler in exchange for omeprazole for my horses, and they send me enough extra to have a limited number of free samples to folks who have never tried their products.  Contact me if you'd like to try it; if I don't have any at the moment I'll let you know when I get more in. 


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