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Finding Heritage:  I needed a new jump saddle, knew I wanted a monoflap, I wanted black, and needed something to fit my relatively long femur.  In my futile quest to find something used online (ie., affordable), I stumbled across the Heritage Bespoke website.  I could find no one back then in this area who had one of these saddles for me to see "in person," and the price point (between $1,300 and $1,800 for most models) sounded much too good to be true.  The thought of customizing a saddle overseas was daunting.  I could not, however, find anything but glowing reviews of Heritage and owner Matty Marlow himself.  I decided to, very uncharacteristically, take a chance.  But I did, and I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.   

One of Grant's "more expressive" trajectories...glad I had my Heritage saddle on "lift off"!

Pix of my Heritage Bespoke Yin-Yang Inner Balance Monoflap jump saddle in action:

Newsflash!  I just received my second Heritage saddle...the Olympia Monoflap dressage...and I love it every bit as much as my jump saddle.  I received it the week before the USEA New Event Horse competition, rode my young horse in it twice, and decided he went so well in it I would go ahead and use it at the event.  So...I rode all phases in Heritage saddles and we won the NEH division! 

Please visit Heritage Saddlery's website and if you contact Matt about making your next and best saddle, please tell him Karen from "across the pond" sent you!

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