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I had a horse develop ear placques last summer and wanted a good insect repellent I could use safely on his face.  I tried Verugreen's Bugpellent gel and loved it...natural ingredients and smells great.  Now I use their fly spray, their stable repellent granules, and just discovered their leather-care products.  All the products work and smell great.  The leather cleaner is in a convenient spray form...not heavy or sticky, but really cleans my tack and boots.  The shine conditioner does just that, and without leaving a heavy greasy or sticky residue.  It's all I want to use on my leather now and I've been able to move years of buildup on some of my tack that I thought wasn't salvageable!  Click on any of the images on this page to link to the Verugreen (leather-care products) or Bugpellent (insect repellent products) sites.

Moogatti at his first horse trials says

                  "Take that, flies!"

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